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Hello, my name is Tom Feeney. I am the owner of Precision Builders of Boston and the driving force behind each of our projects. In the eyes of our fellow restoration craftsmen and of our clients, Precision Builders of Boston have an impressive body of restoration and construction management work to represent us. I invite you to scan through our project portfolio to get a real life feel for the scope and quality of our project design, project management and project talent and craftsmanship. The narratives we provide for each project will assist you in understanding the knowledge, skill, and direction that are entailed in producing restorations that respect your desire for fine workmanship, second to none quality, and respect for your budget. As you will see, I am personally involved in each project to ensure your expectations are met.

Perhaps you feel, as we do, that architectural detail of fine quality benefits the beholder aesthetically and thus spiritually, appealing to the essence of his or her humanity for as long as it is beheld and contemplated, like a fine original painting or symphony. The benefit is far beyond functionality and asset appreciation. No wonder entire communities of such historically valued properties continue to exist and, in fact, continue to expand through faithful restoration into prime residences.

For these reasons, we at Precision Builders & Restoration Specialists are not surprised by the intoxicating aura of good taste and well being emanating from the inhabitants of these communities. No wonder the residents diligently invest time and expense in restoring and maintaining these fine homes. We are so proud of having contributed to their enjoyment through our skills and hard work; for us labors of love!

For over thirty years, most of our experience has been in the supervision and project construction management and serving as the high-end craftsmanship contractor for projects throughout New England, particularly in the Boston Back Bay/ Cape Cod part of Massachusetts.

Typically, but not always, a client approaches our restoration specialists with a project in mind. We work hard to ensure that our restoration construction reputation guarantees an impressive flow of inquiries for our services. We here at Precision Builders and Restoration Specialists are always happy to discuss your project, whether it's a luxury restoration, historic restoration, or any other project, even if it's just to offer advice if we decide the project might not be appropriate for us. It is our sincere belief that the inquirer deserves that respect.

When we feel the potential client's needs match our project construction management abilities in degree and performance, we are happy to submit proposals that feature:

  • Guaranteed “on time performance”

  • Guaranteed “excellence in quality and taste”

  • Guaranteed “cost containment to the client for agreed scope of work”

  • When we have finished your project, you and we will have conjoined to produce your legacy to your heirs, to your community and to your culture.

  • Most importantly, you will then be able to conveniently access the daily comfort and renewal that comes with living well with “high 21st century” standards.

These are our goals, our high-end craftsmanship contractor principles, and doing everything we can to achieve them is our overarching focus. To the extent that there is a secret to our restoration specialists, that quarantines the low priority distractions and misunderstandings that we refuse to allow to sabotage our clients' restoration construction projects, it is those projection construction management goals.

So let's cut to the chase. Here's what we do and how we can help you:

  • Preconstruction planning

  • Project design

  • Architectural drawings

  • Mechanical drawings

  • Thorough description of the scope of work

  • Project construction management including architect and construction contracting

  • Ongoing regular communication of work in progress status to customer

  • Historical Districts Approvals and Building Permits

  • Owner Representative

  • Community Relations

In the end, is it our main goal to produce for you a remarkable restoration construction worthy of your dreams and high standards that also reflect our restoration specialists' commitment to quality and efficiency in everything that we do.

Thank you for your time and consideration. It would be an honor to serve you with your historic preservation, luxury restoration, construction restoration, or anything your renovation project may be. It will be a source of pride for us to reflect on your enjoyment of your investment in fine living.

Precision Builders
605 Randolph Street, Canton, MA 02021
Office: 781-575-1313 • Mobile: 781-929-6060 • Fax: 781-575-1717