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Historic Preservation Boston
Restoration Contractor Boston

Historic Preservation Boston

Mission Statement

Under the auspices of Precision Builders and Restoration Specialists, I have pursued a lifelong appreciation of first class craftsmanship. In the knowledge and rehabilitating of properties throughout the historical districts of Boston, I have realized my vocation.

In our general contracting agreements, quality is the principle of all our productions and unique designs.

Being aware of the tastes and trends of the 21st century, our decisions acknowledge our clients' prerogative and we stay true to the fact "the customer is always right." As we continue the pursuit of excellence in a job well done and we listen carefully to our clients and keep them well informed.

According to the Cambridge architectural firm Unihab, "Tom's greatest strengths are found in the quality of what he provides and also in his understanding and dealings with people, resolving challenges that arise during a construction project. Tom and his staff have a proven work track record and extensive experience."

During the past 37 years, projects have included additions, new homes, major renovations, condominium and townhouse conversions and light commercial construction.

Daily we strive towards conducting our business practices based on value and understanding.

Precision Builders
605 Randolph Street, Canton, MA 02021
Office: 781-575-1313 Mobile: 781-929-6060 Fax: 781-575-1717